Sierra Club Joins Opposition to SHR

SPVPA is pleased to announce Sierra Club has joined opposition efforts related to Safari Highlands Ranch. Sierra Club’s San Diego Conservation Committee Chair has drafted a powerful letter (click HERE) detailing numerous concerns and their “resolute...

Another SHR Project Update (May 2017)

Another SHR Project Update has been released by the City of Escondido. Click HERE to view it. Unfortunately, this most recent project update addressed to the SHR “Interested Groups and Individuals” email list, dated 5/11/17, and posted on the City’s...

SHR EIR News (May 2017)

Unfortunately it seems the City of Escondido failed to send out an email to the SHR “interested parties” email list, again. SPVPA does our best to stay on top of SHR-related news & updates regardless, so we are passing along the recent EIR update we...

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