Unfortunately it seems the City of Escondido failed to send out an email to the SHR “interested parties” email list, again. SPVPA does our best to stay on top of SHR-related news & updates regardless, so we are passing along the recent EIR update we found. The information was contained in the City Manager’s weekly update on 5/4/17. It’s buried deep in the report with a lot of unrelated info so we are reposting the SHR-specific part below. You can also visit the City Manager’s weekly update page directly at: https://www.escondido.org/may-4-2017.aspx; the SHR notice is about 1/2 way down, #9 under Major Projects Update.

  1. Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) (Developer: Jeb Hall, Concordia Homes) – A second revised tentative map depicting various minor changes and clarifications to roads, easements and drainage facilities was submitted on April 25, 2017. Revised technical engineering reports as well as responses to Staff comments were also submitted. Staff anticipates that the Draft EIR will be out for public review in June or July of 2017.

SPVPA will continue to track the status of the SHR EIR release and post news and updates to our website (www.SaveSanPasqualValley.com), Facebook (facebook.com/SPVPA) and Twitter (twitter.com/SPVPA) pages. If you are not following us on Facebook or Twitter yet, be sure to take a moment to click the links above and “like” or “follow” us there so you won’t miss anything.

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