Another SHR Project Update has been released by the City of Escondido. Click HERE to view it. Unfortunately, this most recent project update addressed to the SHR “Interested Groups and Individuals” email list, dated 5/11/17, and posted on the City’s website, has not been sent out to the SHR email list yet – again. The lack of timely communication of SHR-related news and information from the City of Escondido to members of the public who have specifically requested to receive such information is concerning because it continues to happen (see: SHR EIR News – May 2017, as well as the fact the 3/28/17 SHR Project Update memo was posted on the City’s website for nearly a week before it was sent to the SHR email list on 4/3/17).

A revised project timeline has been released and shows the public review period for the EIR now expected between 6/28/17-8/28/17.  Also, a round of revised plans have been posted on the City of Escondido’s SHR page here:

SPVPA will continue to stay on top of this and pass along SHR-related information we learn. Be sure to follow up on Facebook and Twitter so you get all of our updates.


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