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Safari Highlands Ranch draft EIR has been released!

The long-awaited draft of the Environmental Impact Report for the Safari Highlands Ranch development proposal has been released!  We know there is strong public opposition to this project and rest assured, it remains a top priority for SPVPA too. You can read the...

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SHR Draft EIR Wait Continues

The most recent timeline projection for the SHR draft EIR ended on Monday 8/28/2017, so the SHR EIR is now delayed once again. However, we have heard from several sources that the EIR release is imminent; perhaps as early as next week. Of course, we have heard this...

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ECOC Submits SHR Opposition Letter

The Escondido Chamber of Citizens has submitted a strong letter of opposition to Safari Highlands Ranch. ECOC is the latest group to take a firm stand against this effort to circumvent the intended zoning (rural zoning for 27 houses to single family residential for...

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Sierra Club Joins Opposition to SHR

SPVPA is pleased to announce Sierra Club has joined opposition efforts related to Safari Highlands Ranch. Sierra Club's San Diego Conservation Committee Chair has drafted a powerful letter (click HERE) detailing numerous concerns and their "resolute opposition" to...

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Another SHR Project Update (May 2017)

Another SHR Project Update has been released by the City of Escondido. Click HERE to view it. Unfortunately, this most recent project update addressed to the SHR "Interested Groups and Individuals" email list, dated 5/11/17, and posted on the City's website, has not...

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SHR EIR News (May 2017)

Unfortunately it seems the City of Escondido failed to send out an email to the SHR "interested parties" email list, again. SPVPA does our best to stay on top of SHR-related news & updates regardless, so we are passing along the recent EIR update we found. The...

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