Today San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance (SPVPA) joined as 23 environmental, conservation, and climate organizations submitted a letter urging Mayor Paul McNamara and the Escondido City Council to oppose the proposed Harvest Hills development. The groups are united in opposition to Harvest Hills as it remains the same ill-conceived, poorly-planned urban sprawl development in a high wildfire risk area, as when it was called Safari Highlands Ranch.

In spite of the re-marketing and minimal revisions, the major impacts remain.”

In short, fire and evacuation risks, traffic, and climate impacts alone are enough to stop this project in its tracks.”

“The defeat of Safari Highlands Ranch/Harvest Hills is a high-priority if we are ever to move in the direction of appropriate land-use plans that, ultimately will, result in investment in the urban core, allow transit to succeed, protect critical habitat, and reduce and reverse climate impacts.”

Read the full letter to the Escondido City Council here.

“Safari Highlands Ranch may have a new name but it remains the embodiment of reckless urban sprawl and the antithesis of Smart Growth. When we know better, we must do better. Bottom line: Harvest Hills is the Wrong Plan in the Wrong Place.” – NeySa Ely, San Pasqual Valley Preservation Alliance

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