February marked two years since the SHR developer held a community meeting with the impacted residents off Rockwood Road and Cloverdale Road (February 24 & 25, 2015). Today it has been a full year since the San Pasqual Union School District’s community forum where the developer and community were invited to discuss issues and concerns related to the impact of SHR on San Pasqual Union Elementary and the safety of Rockwood Road around the school (April 26, 2016). As with the community forums in February 2015, the forum hosted by SPUSD last April was well-attended with a lot of input from the community. At the forum, the developer noted appreciation of the community’s involvement and plans to have ongoing interaction with, and input from, the community as issues with Rockwood Road and the impact of SHR on the school were addressed. It was unfortunate, however, to read the letter sent to the San Pasqual Union School Board the very next day (April 27, 2016) where the SHR developer wrote “a forum such as last night’s, while very beneficial in terms of hearing people’s feelings and opinions, isn’t necessarily helpful in actually developing solutions.” You can read the entire letter by clicking HERE.

When presented with an opportunity, the community has repeatedly demonstrated an eagerness to be involved; the opportunities, however, have been few and far between. Particularly with regard to San Pasqual Union Elementary and Rockwood Road, the issues are significant and the solutions shouldn’t be held in secret and buried in an Environmental Impact Report.

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