The North County Climate Change Alliance is pleased to announce another presentation featuring Diane Nygaard, Dr. NeySa Ely, Jacqueline Arsivaud, and Mark Jackson.  Topics will include Carlsbad’s successful ‘No on A’ efforts to protect Agua Hedionda, efforts to preserve and protect the San Pasqual Valley in relation to the Safari Highlands Ranch project, efforts to further develop Harmony Grove, and updates on the Lilac Hills development effort in light of recent court ruling and County-wide ballot initiative effort by the developer. This is an excellent opportunity to hear about the grassroots efforts in North County to combat reckless urban sprawl development being proposed for the open space that remains on the fringes of our county, as well as area-specific issues related to detrimental impacts on air and water quality, fire safety, water availability, land erosion, infrastructure costs, traffic and resulting pollution from developing outside the urban core/public transportation system, negative agricultural and wildlife impact, and long-term climate change dangers. The presentation will be held on Tuesday, April 19th at 6:00 pm at the Hitzke Community Center located at: 251 Autumn Terrace Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069. There will be a Q & A session after the presentation.

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