The County Board of Supervisors postponed their final vote on Lilac Hills Ranch pending the resolution of County Supervisor Bill Horn’s appeal of the Fair Political Practices Commission ruling that he has a conflict of interest pertaining to Lilac Hills Ranch because he owns land ~1 mile away from the proposed development site. Supervisor Horn challenged this ruling and asked to be allowed to cast his vote but that was denied.

During that time, the Supreme Court weighed in on an issue regarding greenhouse gas emissions study requirements that was also not favorable to the proposed Lilac Hills Ranch development plan.  The developer has decided to remove the Lilac Hills Ranch development plan from consideration by the County Board of Supervisors.  Instead, they have embarked on a signature drive to gather 70,000 signatures that would allow the Lilac Hills Ranch to be put on the county-wide ballot in November 2016. If approved, it will be able to side-step CEQA – a dangerous but increasingly common approach being use by developers looking to expand into presently undeveloped open space on the edges of San Diego County. SPVPA supports SOSDC in their efforts to force the Lilac Hills Ranch development plan to follow important and established environmental review procedures to explore potential negative impacts of development and require reasonable efforts to mitigate those negative effects.

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