The San Pasqual Union School District will be having their next School Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 5:30 pm in Trussel Hall.  The meeting is OPEN to the public.  The address is: 15305 Rockwood Rd, Escondido, CA 92027.

At this meeting, the developer for Safari Highlands Ranch (Concordia) is on the agenda to speak to the school board about (per SPUSD Board Meeting Agenda):

  1. Safari Highlands Ranch request for Will Serve letter for parcels located within San Pasqual Union District boundary.
  2. Safari Highlands Ranch request to begin discussions with the District regarding reorganization of the District’s boundaries to include all parcels in the project.
  3. Safari Highlands Ranch request to work cooperatively with staff in order to determine additional infrastructure needs for SPUSD to accommodate.

As many of you have noted, the direct impact of the proposed housing development on this school is significant and broad (this list is by no means complete):

  • The school will need to eventually accommodate ~257 additional students along with the facilities, teachers and administrators necessary to support a ~50% increase in the student body.
  • The sole access to the 550 home SHR community will be the existing Rockwood Road directly in front of the school – resulting in a 200% increase in traffic on that road (current trips per day ~3,400; expected additional trips per day ~6,600 = >10,000 trips per day on Rockwood Road).
  • To address increased traffic and safety concerns, a raised median and two traffic circles are proposed for Rockwood Road in front of the school, along with creating an “airport style” pick up and drop off “loop” to for kids arriving and departing the school.
  • Street parking on Rockwood Road and several existing on-campus parking spaces are slated to be removed to accommodate the alterations to the school and traffic flow on Rockwood Road.
  • Impact of proposed development on the school’s districting/redistricting

?If you are involved with the school directly as parents or indirectly as taxpayers and affected residents, you may want to express your feelings on the matter to YOUR school board.

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